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"I often have a hard time relaxing enough for a massage to be effective, but with Becky I was able to stay present and grounded. I appreciate the time she took to make sure I was comfortable with the entire process." LJ  09/13/16

"I have known Rebecca for many years. First from her unrelenting wonderful work for women's rights and now as my massage therapist. I have had many massages in my life, Rebecca has amazed me from the start!! She was made to do this work! She has healing energy already and now she takes that energy and moves it to the body. Naturally intuitive, she finds knots I didn't know I had. Her technique is strong and deep, never tentative or insecure. It's like she has been doing this for years ! I definitely recommend her!!" -MD  09/06/16

"I had my first massage today from Rev. Rebecca Turner of Holy Hands Integrative Therapies, and it was a physically and spiritually transformative experience! Having just experienced several transitions (job, moving, identity) and a recent physically and emotionally traumatic event, it was the perfect time to seek Rev. Turner's healing touch. I knew her experiences as a minister and organizer meant that she brought her passion for healing and nonjudgmental compassionate care to all aspects of her work. From our initial consult, to her welcome into the therapeutic environment, to the massage itself, to the ending conversation, I felt safe and affirmed. The massage was gentle and intuitive, using multiple techniques, ranging from myofascial release to cranial sacral therapy. It was the first time I'd experienced such a gentle, but powerful massage-- each movement felt intentional and soothing. Her use of aromatherapy combined with flowing bodywork helped me to relax, become mindful and present, and even be transported in and out of consciousness. At the end of the session, I felt like my mind, body, and soul had taken several journeys, bringing me simultaneously closer to the strongest parts of myself and farther from the pain I had carried into the session. I recommend Rev. Rebecca Turner and Holy Hands Integrative Therapies to any travelers who have experienced some bruises and scrapes along life's journey, or to anyone who is simply needing a moment to take a breath, to relax, and come back to their very best selves." -KY 08/22/16

"Thank you, Rebecca Turner, for the wonderful massage this weekend! I didn't want it to end!" -KP 08/13/16

"Becky provides more than your typical massage therapy. It is a spiritually uplifting, healing experience in a comfortable and safe space. Her hands are magic. She did cranio sacral work and focused on my neck at my first massage. Three of my vertebrae have moderate degenerative arthritis and my muscles are generally spazzing out. I left feeling transformed. My neck was calm for several days - unheard of! I felt physically better and emotionally recharged. I look forward to many more sessions with her - she has always had a gift. Now she shares it through massage therapy. I highly recommend her!" -KH 08/12/16

"Becky was excellent-I truly feel relaxed. I didn't want it to end." -NA 07/15/16

"Becky's work on my back and legs was outstanding. She also did an excellent job releasing the tension in my shoulders. I feel so much more whole, grounded, and relaxed now. Becky has chosen the right profession!" -AG 05/02/16

"Some therapists do it for the money; their heart is not in it. Becky is a therapist who wants to heal. You can tell." -MA 04/11/16

"My favorite parts of this session were the work done on my shoulders along both sides of my spine and ribs. Communication was excellent. I felt very safe and relaxed during our session and afterwards I feel re-energized and stress-free." -AG 02/29/16

"I feel less tense than when I arrived. Becky addressed several areas that were issues and provided relief." -CR 02/23/16

"Very pleasant session. Hands have a wonderful high heat! Nice, smooth, firm touch." -JM 02/23/16

"The stretches, shoulder, and leg work were all awesome! Rebecca was very thorough on the legs and back. The work was deep and alleviating pain. Hooray!" -EJ 01/26/16

"Becky did a great job. She had a plan and worked it well and hit all the areas consistently with stretching techniques." -CR  11/17/15

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